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Travel the World the Smart Way Through Cruise World Travel

Cruise travel is an interesting way of traveling the whole world. Cruise travels are hassle free and suitable for people of all age groups. Cruise world travel can be booked either by travel agents or with the cruise lines. Travelling the world via cruise during summers is an ideal way, as summers are pleasant in most part of the world. Moreover, during summers you can strike a great deal with the travel agencies, as they tend to give attractive discounts.

Cruise World Travel Ideal for Family Vacations

Vacations are meaningless if not spent with your loved ones. Family and friends around during your vacations help in creating a fun atmosphere, with all the chatting and fooling around. Cruise travel offers several interesting benefits. Cruises are considered as small towns or cities on water. The ambiance around the cruise would make you feel as if you are walking on the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world. They are eventful and offer amazing surprises. People of all age group can have an amazing time on a cruise.

Advantages of Cruise World Travel

Cruise travel offers several interesting features. Most cruises have sports and entertainment facilities aboard. For children and young adults there are video gaming parlors, PlayStations, computer labs and many such things. In addition to this, there are aqua parks for the entire family to have fun time together.

Furthermore, you can choose as per your budgets from several cruise lines available. Luxury cruise world travels offer various interesting features. They have excellent staff that is at your service round the clock. Spa parlors, swimming pools, gym and many such things are available in luxury cruise lines.

Cruise world travel is an interesting way of traveling the whole world. Cruise world travels are hassle free and suitable for people of all age groups.

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World Traveler

Five Ways to Be A World Traveler – – – – – – –

Becoming a successful world traveler is not as easy at it might seem at first. There are many challenges a world traveler faces on the road, especially in countries where the infrastructure is less than ideal and where a common language does not exist.

Some of the characteristics a world traveler will need to have in order to enjoy gallivanting the world are:

1. Be Adaptable

Situations might change unexpectedly: buses are cancelled or delayed, reservations are missing, roads are flooded, and other scenarios that can easily foil the best laid plan. A world traveler should not woe his misfortunes for too long. He should be ready to adapt to the new situations and figure out how to make the best of them.

2. Be Resourceful

In tough situations a world traveler might be required to think outside the box because resources normally available in his home country can not be found. From fixing broken equipment using readily available tools to finding his way around a city without a GPS, a resourceful traveler will find creative ways to solve these problems without resorting to expensive solutions.

3. Be Friendly

In a foreign country where nobody seems to be able to understand you and signs are rare, a world traveler will have to depend on other people more than he might be used to. It is important to be friendly when asking strangers for help with direction or advices. Aloofness or snobbishness will definitely not going to help the situation.

4. Be Able to Find Humor Anywhere

One of the most important aspects of a world traveler is his ability to find humor in misfortunes because without a doubt, unless he’s extremely lucky, he will encounter many of these misfortunes on the road. Finding a silver lining in tough situations or being able to laugh at his own stupidity and errors will go a long way in enjoying the travel experience. He needs to remember that often times, the best stories come from these misfortunes.

5. Be Budget Minded

Traveling the world is not as expensive as one would think but a world traveler still needs to be mindful of his budgets. Staying in expensive hotels, eating in restaurants, and going on guided tours are some of the easiest ways to blog a travel budget. A budget minded traveler will stick to simple yet clean accommodations, eat street food most of the time, and travel independently to stretch his budget as far as possible.

So, there you have it. 5 ways to be a successful world traveler. Do you have what it takes?

Caro Hill and her husband travel the world as a couple looking for great food and great stories. When not traveling the world as a couple, they hike, climb, and paddle their way around the great state of California.

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Disney World travel agent

A Disney World Travel Agent: Five Reasons You Want One to Help With Your Disney Vacation

So you’re planning a vacation to Walt Disney World! Congratulations! There are few vacation destinations that are more anticipated than a family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! Now for the planning details…and when it comes to a Disney vacation, there are many details! Do you have someone helping with the planning? If not, you should consider the services of a specialized Disney World travel agent…and here are five reasons why:

So Much to See and Do

Walt Disney World is an enormous resort property that includes 4 major theme parks, 2 water parks, dozens of hotel properties, literally hundreds of attractions, rides, shows, parades, and fireworks, as well as special events held throughout the year. There is an infinite variety of things to see and do, and for anyone visiting Disney World, it can be overwhelming trying to sort through everything. This is where a Disney World travel agent can be a huge help! From helping you choose when to go and where to stay, to suggesting the best ticket options for your family, a Disney travel specialist will be there helping you plan, every step of the way.

Itinerary Planning So You Don’t Miss a Thing

Popular with everyone who visits Walt Disney World, the many choices for dining, shows, and attractions can again, leave the visitor confused and overwhelmed. Where are the best places to eat with children? How can you dine with the characters? What time are the parade and fireworks? And will my child love…or hate…this ride? These are the types of questions that a Disney World travel agent can help you with. He or she can take the stress out of all the planning by helping you make the best choices for your family. And more importantly: if what you want to see or do requires reservations, your agent will make sure you have them.

Your Agent Knows Disney

There are many wonderful and reputable travel agents, but a Disney World travel agent knows everything there is to know about Disney, and you benefit from his/her knowledge and experience. Disney travel specialists are graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge, certifying them as experts in Disney vacation planning, and in addition have experienced many personal Disney vacations. No one knows more about how to plan a Disney vacation than a specialized Disney agent.

Saving You Money

Disney vacations can be expensive…but they don’t have to be, and having the help of a Disney World travel agent will save you money. Knowing the most current Disney savings, discounts and promotions, your agent will work with you to determine the most affordable option for your Disney vacation. Even better, he or she will watch for deals that come out after you are booked…and if it will save you money, your Disney agent will rebook to get you the savings!

There is No Charge to You!

It is evident that the services of a Disney World travel agent are invaluable. Expertise about everything related to Disney, planning and booking help, and monitoring the deals to save you money…these services can help to make your vacation a wonderful and memorable experience for your family. And the best part of having the help of a Disney specialist? It costs you nothing, as agents do not charge for their services. So how can you afford NOT to have a Disney agent on your side?

A Disney World travel agent, Nancy Bobby has been planning Disney World vacations for over a decade. Learn more about how the services of a Disney World travel agent can help your family have a magical Disney vacation, get more information and request her free Disney planning guide, when you visit her website and blog,

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World Travel Guide

Top 5 Destinations – World Travel Guide

The World Travel Guide provides all the information required regarding the various holiday destinations of the world. The purpose of this guide is to provide all the details about a travel destination and its specialties besides the facilities on offer to its guests.

The World Travel Guide is considered by many to be amongst the most crucial elements, if not the most crucial element in choosing a destination after viewing a similar alternative on the guide. You have all the stuff required to make a decision, the information such as travel connectivity, climate and the ideal time to visit the place are the best features of the guide.

The guide has all the major destinations of the world listed and provides you the best possible base to make the correct decision.

Let us visit the top 5 travel destinations on the World Travel Guide.

The Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal is the pride of India. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located in the North Indian city of Agra. This marvelous marble structure is considered to be the jewel of Muslim art in the Indian sub-continent. The Taj Mahal provides the much needed foreign exchange earnings to India and it is estimated some 4 million visitors experience the beauty of the Taj annually.

Whitsunday Islands: These wonderful islands are part of Australia. The place is a spectacular sight to the human eye as imagine the thought of lovely rainforests and the spectacular coral reefs. Besides, the islands are famous the world over for their warm ocean waters, which are ideal for a dip.

Rio de Janeiro: If you are looking for an ideal beach holiday destination where the fun never seems to end, then you need to be in the marvelous Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. Rio is the known to many as the fun capital of the world. The place has all the facilities for you to have a rocking time and that is not all, Rio boasts of a vibrant night life, which goes way into the next days wee hours. Hence, if you were of the view the sunset marked the end of day, that is not true in this part of the world, as the sunset only marks the beginning of the day for the die-hard party freaks.

Majorca: Alternatively referred to as Mallorca, this beach holiday destination is an ideal Spanish holiday destination. Majorca is all about white sandy beaches and the perfect place to experience the point where the sun, sea and sand meet.

Miami: Miami is a wonderful travel destination in the US. The city has so much to offer its visitors and in order to experience the beauty of Miami in total you need to be there at least for a week. Some of the talking points of the city are the Miami Sky-lift, the Miami Art Museum, the Homestead Miami Speedway, the Dolphin Stadium and much more.

Those were the top 5 travel destinations of the world. Like the destinations mentioned above, there are thousands of other descriptions available on the World Travel Guide. Hence, it is recommended you please go through the World Travel Guide as it will only help you choose the correct place.

Genelia Smith- A traveler, Experience of traveling worlds top travel destinations, she has written blog on international travel destinations and World travel guide []. In this blog you will find ultimate information on best holiday and vacation destinations. You will also find there worlds top 10 holiday destinations. You will read here best online travel guides.

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Tranquil Tropical Getaways

Tranquil Tropical Getaways at St George Island

Tranquil Tropical Getaways at St George Island

An island getaway has amazing things to offer everyone from white beaches, cool dips in the ocean to beachfront, beach view, plantation homes and condo properties that can be rented. Here you are presented with an amiable and warm weather that matches the superb views, an natural effect of the surrounding Apalachicola Bay and Mexico’s Gulf waters.Tranquil Tropical Getaways

When you are a guest, you can do anything you desire during your whole stay because everything is possible for you here. Everyday spent in this paradise allows you to continually get relaxation in an exquisite environment, ribboned with white sand beaches perfect for spending quiet time alone or with other guests. Snorkeling, fishing and other water activities can be found in here, as well as beachcombing and shelling in the beautiful stretch of its white sands.Tranquil Tropical Getaways

Island vacations usually top reviews for their serene beaches and lush woodlands where you can also go trekking and hiking along calm trails. A stay at any of vacation properties will let you experience undisturbed life, free of skyscraper shadows and the ding of the daily grind. Set aside the busy life for a while.

Vacation rentals provide an array of properties where you can book your stay. Choose from beach front cottages to beach view homes and even multi-story plantation homes or the condominiums that await you. With amenities that can equal modern hotels, you are assured of a good accommodation service. Have a feel of the passive life while you are enjoying the locale.

Islands offer hospitable environment for a private getaway for friends and families. If you are looking for a good adventure, rent vacation properties so that you will have a cozy place to come home while you discover unique activities around the island. Savor the rustic verandahs in front of a beach view while you relax in style or have all the time to gaze toward the ocean front in a three story plantation house. Whatever kind of gulf view homes you need for your vacation, you can definitely find one if you book for them early.

While islands can boast of tranquility and an adorable charm, it is not for everybody. But if you like to unwind and get a taste of a slower kind of existence once in a while, you search for good destinations that will cater to your dream vacation.

Relish the magic of rural beaches as you witness the ebb and flow of the waters. When you have given it a try, you will certainly not wish to be in any other place. Enjoy the simple treasures that can only be obtained with a vacation in an island.

Tara Estacaan is a freelance writer who enjoys all the best things an island vacation can offer, including vacation properties and all beachfront homes that are available to house tourists.

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Tropical Getaway

Tropical Getaway on the Tiny Island of Samoa

If you drew a line from the tip of New Zealand, up to Hawaii and then down to the Easter Islands you would be looking at what is known as the Polynesian Triangle, and somewhere within this combined group of over 1000 islands is the tiny Independent Nation of Samoa, a culture lovers paradise of tropical palms, beaches untouched by tourism and people of all ages who do nothing but smile.Tropical Getaway

Many people I meet have never even heard of the tiny islands of Samoa, and those who have, usually associate it with incredibly powerful rugby forwards or WWF wrestling giants, namely Dwayne Johnson, aka ‘The Rock’.Tropical Getaway

Samoa is a place that has produced some of the most naturally powerful men on this planet since the Greek Gods of Olympus, and yet still it offers so much more, all of which is guaranteed to satisfy ones need for visual delights. One of the things I find most appealing about this little known South Pacific destination is how well it has retained its cultural identity.Tropical Getaway

Unlike some of the more commonly known Polynesian destinations like Hawaii, Fiji and Tahiti, where westernism and garish tourism is all that is left of traditional customs; Samoa still lives and breathes an ancient culture. It is the only Polynesian country where the government recognises the ancient tribal customs enforced by the Matai (chiefs) as part of modern law, and amazingly manages to keep the two systems working together side by side.

If not for the golden arches of MacDonald’s looming over the capital of Apia, one would be forgiven for thinking you were walking the set of Rogers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific, with much of Apia remaining just as it was in the 1930’s.

The clapboard building where Robert Louis Stevenson once lived still stands, though today houses a lovely bar and restaurant. The locals go about their business in their traditionally lay back ‘poly style’, synonymous with the tropics, and the grinning barefoot children swat flies from their parents market stalls with traditional fans while sipping milk from fresh coconuts.

Leave the main town and you will drive through one village after another where the locals will be enjoying a game of volleyball and will happily invite you to play. You’ll see the local chiefs watching over the village with their tribal tatau (tattoo) poking through the tops of their lava lava (sarong) belying the extent of their bravery when the tattoo was first carved from waist to knee. Children will be swinging from the branches of mango and breadfruit trees, picking tonight’s dinner, and inside their open air fales (houses) you’ll see the occasional two door fridge and big screen TV just to remind you they are not entirely forgotten by modern society or ignorant to its comforts.

Samoa provides the traveler who is hungry for a real cultural experience, free of crowded beaches and spruiking tourism operators, the opportunity to visit and even participate in a world where ancient culture is still in play and natural unadulterated beauty abounds. Visit Samoa and you’ll be planning your next visit before you have even left its idyllic shores.

Sarah Jayne Gasu is an Australian author who regularly visits the Pacific and loves everthing to do with its people and culture. For extensive information on the islands of Samoa you can visit her site at [] and discover this beautiful and somewhat hidden destination in the South Pacific.

Being married to a Samoan High Chief gives Sarah real insight on the culture from the perspectives of both locals and tourists so you are guaranteed to discover everything you need to know to plan your dream vacation.

Sign up for her newsletter while visiting her site and recieve a FREE article to teach you the basics of the Samoan language so you can be talking like a local before you even arrive!

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Dreaming of a Cruise Vacation? A Tropical Getaway Is Closer Than You Think

When the weather outside makes you want to pull the covers back over your head in the morning, it’s time to think about getting away. How does a week with first-class service, fine dining and exotic locales sound? It sounds just like a cruise to a tropical getaway.

Some people spend months planning their vacations – where to stay, where to dine, sites to see. One advantage of a cruise vacation is that all the planning is done for you. You pick the area of the ocean that you want to visit and then you let the cruise line work out the details for you. And even better, the cost of many cruises – which includes food and accommodations – is less than you would pay for many accommodations on dry land.

The biggest decision you need to make is deciding where to go and how many days you want to be at sea. Will it be the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean or a river cruise in Europe? Once you are on board, you will need to decide which of the many onboard restaurants to frequent and which of the nightclubs to check out, but that’s where the decision making ends.


You can cruise to the Bahamas for three, four or even seven nights, depending on where you board. Ships leave regularly from New York City, Baltimore and Miami. Pick the port closest to where you live and head for the sun and fun.

You can take a three-night cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas at prices starting at just $215 (per person and based on double occupancy). You will leave Miami and travel to CocoCay, Nassau. CocoCay is an island reserved just for Royal Caribbean guests. You will not find any shops, but you will have your choice of water activities – snorkeling, wave runners or just relaxing in a hammock by the beach.

If you are looking for more time away, consider a seven-night cruise at prices starting at $399 per person. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Jewel leaves New York and stops in Port Canaveral for a day of sight-seeing in Orlando, Florida, before continuing on to Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau, Bahamas.

The Caribbean

Choose from cruises to the Western Caribbean, the home of Jamaica; the Eastern Caribbean, home of St. Thomas; or the Southern Caribbean, home of the saints: St. Croix, St. John’s and St. George’s.
A five-night cruise to the Western Caribbean starts in Miami and heads south to Ocho Rios in Jamaica and Grand Cayman Islands – all at prices starting at $269 a person. Travel is aboard the revitalized Celebrity Century with its 314 new private verandas, 14 new Sky Suites and 174 new concierge class staterooms.

A seven night cruise to the Western Caribbean leaves Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and includes stops in Key West, Florida, Ocho Rios, Georgetown and Cozumel, Mexico. Prices start at $599 a person.

If you are interested in the Eastern Caribbean, take a seven-night cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. Leaving from Miami, the ship travels to Philipsburg in St. Maarten, San Juan in Puerto Rico and Labadee, a private island in Haiti that is leased to the cruise line. The island is completely populated by tourists and those who are there to serve them. It is guarded by a private security force. The per-person price for this seven-night getaway starts around $600 per person.

Another option in the Eastern Caribbean is a seven-night adventure that leaves Ft. Lauderdale for stops in Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay, rated as the best private island by Porthole Cruise Magazine. With just 2 percent of the island developed, this 55-acre spot is home to an international bird sanctuary. You will be traveling aboard Holland America’s Eurodam at prices starting around $600 per person.


Whether you leave out of Los Angeles or San Diego, you will want a seven-day cruise to Mexico. Starting around $500 a person, you can stay aboard Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess. The trip features stops in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. It offers 740 staterooms with balconies, a casino and 24-hour dining. And for something unique, the Sapphire Princess is home to the Hearts and Minds wedding chapel – the cruise industry’s only wedding-at-sea program. If you want to have a ship’s captain perform your wedding ceremony, this is the ship for you.

Prefer the Mexican Riviera? Take a seven-night cruise aboard Holland America Line’s Oosterdam. Starting from San Diego, you will visit Mexico’s best ports of call: Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. When you first go onboard, take a look at the ship’s centerpiece: a magnificent Waterford crystal globe displayed in a three-story atrium. You will never forget it.

So if you’ve been thinking that cruises are just too expensive, think again. All inclusive packages can be found at prices to fit any traveler’s budget. Find your dream cruise now and bon voyage!

Brandon Strain is a freelance writer who writes about travel and leisure topics and options such as cruise vacations.

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puerto plaza hotels

Fantastic Tropical Getaway At Puerto Plaza Hotels

What makes Puerto Plaza Hotels Your Perfect Tropical Getaway? In today’s very hectic world, one of the few things that most people take for granted is the need to take a vacation. Everyone seems so overwhelmed with the daily demands of work that vacations had become quite hard to get done with. A lot of us don’t take vacations often enough. And I would bet that most of you who are reading this article do not take annual vacations; as a matter of fact, I believe many of you never take them.

This is rather quite regrettable because vacations can certainly do a lot of positive things for you. It relieves stress. It keeps you healthy. It staves off physical and psychological burnout. It helps make relationships grow stronger. In other words, taking a vacation promotes your overall well-being. Not only is it logical, but one that is of the essence, for you to avail a well deserved vacation to relax and refill exhausted energy. This way you may be able to return to your workplace feeling tremendously revitalized. For those of who are thinking, wishing, and planning to get a good vacation, don’t just settle on the thinking, wishing and planning stage – you’ve got to act on it… and you’ve got to act fast.

Destination should not be an area of concern as there are plenty of vacation havens out there to choose from. But if you would like to be spared from the hassles of scouting for that perfect spot (as this could be painstakingly stressful), then the obvious place to be is Puerto Plaza. Also known as “the amber coast” of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plaza is the country’s first sun and beach destination owing to its natural charms and wonders, picturesque beaches, striking landscape, rich cultural heritage, and eco-tourism activities. Finding a place to stay and dine won’t be a problem as Puerto Plaza hotels are quite accessible and can provide you that comfortable royal treatment you’ll ever need. I will enumerate several reasons why these hotels suit you best for your planned vacation.

First, all these pleasurable hotels are auspiciously situated at a marvelous and breathtakingly serene environment. Second, these hotels are equipped with all the amenities of a top-class hotel accommodation. All you can look for in a vacation hotel is well provided and made available – from a loaded bar, restaurant and swimming pools to internet access and laundry services, you and your company will be accommodated properly. And its spacious, clean and fully furnished rooms can provide you that relaxing mood that is absent in your very busy workplaces. Puerto Plaza hotels are manned by pleasant and hospitable staffs that are more than willing to serve you with all your practical vacation needs. You can be guaranteed of professional and excellent customer service around these hotels. They are designed to accommodate tourists regardless of race and nationalities. You will be provided with a rightfully royal treatment to make sure that when your vacation ends, you will pocket a handful of unforgettable and truly remarkable experience. Another plus and equally important reason in choosing Puerto Plaza hotels is its affordable asking price as can be compared with other rental establishments in the Caribbean.

So if you are seeking a Caribbean travel out of the ordinary, start planning an amazing tropical getaway at Puerto Plata now, and stay at any of its fine hotels.

Experience unforgettable moments and be excited at [] and prepare yourself from the thrill.

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tropical getaways

Some of the World’s Best Tropical Getaways

Some of the World’s Best Tropical Getaways

If all you really want to do on a holiday is to forget the world and rejuvenate yourself from head to toe; then a trip to one of the best tropical getaways in the world is all that you need. In fact, many families prefer to head to such locations because there’s always something for everyone to try together. Here are the top four must visit tropical getaways:

  1. Bali, Indonesia – Elizabeth Gilbert, the celebrated author of ‘ Eat, Pray, Love’ spoke highly of this little vacation spot which felt like a different world altogether. Although Bali is renowned for its tourism and the exquisite beaches; this place has a lot more to offer visitors. Besides the lovely mountains and unique culture, travelers can take a ride in a helicopter to see the island’s active volcanoes. The more adventurous can opt for a vehicle ride through the lush green forests and witness nature at its best besides trying out one of the many water-sports here. If you want to understand Balinese culture better, try taking part in one of their many lavish ceremonies, pray at one of their temples or visit an arts and craft centre here. If all you want to do is see the island through the common man’s eyes, simply go for bicycle rides and you’re guaranteed to have many wonderful memories.
  2. Bora Bora, Tahiti – You’ve probably heard of many celebrities enjoying a vacation here at one time or the other, but if you’re in the mood for lots of fun, then this is one magical island to visit. As a tourist, you are likely to be swept away by the many activities that this island offers and find that you are pressed for time. For instance, water lovers can indulge in some snorkeling and scuba diving where you can get close to the vast marine life found here. Or if you want to relax, try a sunset cruise or a trip on a glass bottom boat which lets you admire the beautiful world below. Adventure lovers can go on a safari, a hiking trip or try feeding the sharks. After a long day, simply relax on the beach with a drink in hand- true bliss doesn’t get any better than this.
  3. Santorini Island, Greece – This is probably the only place on earth where you get to admire beaches of different shades and sizes. The island comprises of 18 quaint villages with friendly natives who love tourists. One of the best ways to see the island is by renting a scooter although riding on the narrow island roads can be a challenge. Don’t miss the Red Beach with a huge volcanic cliff and the Black Beaches of Kamarri which are very popular with visitors. If you want to see what a sunset on the island looks like, head to Oia or take a walk to visit the villages located on the cliffs. The island also has a few museums and galleries but if you’re looking for a vacation spot where you can afford to indulge in laziness; then this is it.
  4. Maldives – If a vacation spot famous for its different water activities is your idea of a holiday, then look no further than Maldives. This place is a very popular destination for newly-weds and couples. Somehow the combination of pristine beaches, famous resorts and activities like scuba diving make Maldives a hot favorite with tourists from different parts of the world. Many resorts offer diving classes and let you rent gear on a daily basis. Tourists can indulge in a spot of night fishing and experience local culture by taking a small trip in a fisherman’s boat called a Dhoni. Or you could also take a helicopter ride and enjoy a view of the island from the sky. Either way, you’re certain to enjoy an awesome holiday.Some of the World’s Best Tropical Getaways

S. George writes to help people find out more about vacations, travel, and getaways, including hotels.. She does work for different companies including a company that lists all Tulsa OK hotels with reviews and pictures.

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