Escape to Tropical Getaways in High Definition

Winter has arrived in most regions and it is here to stay for the season. While the excitement of the holidays masks cold weather blues, the beginning of the year almost always brings freezing temperatures. If you want to keep your home connected to warmer climates, the Travel Channel offers high definition images that will make you feel like the tropical heat is near. You might even be inspired to plan a trip to one of the featured destinations you see on the screen.

One of the best shows for trip planning advice is ‘Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends.’ Each episode features a specific spot around the country with useful tips about where to stay, what to do, when to go, and how to budget accordingly. Because short, two or three-day journeys are almost always put in the spotlight, Samantha Brown’s advice might actually give you the information you need to plan an escape from the winter weather after the holiday season wraps up.

Traveling involves experiencing life in another part of the world. While the sights and thrills are definitely important, the cuisine is also an essential aspect to any trip because traditions still vary substantially from one place to another. If you are intrigued by culinary differences, one of the best satellite TV shows to check out is ‘Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.’ In each episode, the host of the series – famous chef – visits a new place. Sometimes all the action unfolds in a single city, while others times there are multiple stops in one country.

Following along the idea of adventures in eating, ‘Food Wars’ is another HD Travel Channel special. Every show centers around one dish as two top restaurants in the city or region are selected to compete. In general, the creators try to find symbolic dishes such as in the first episode, which featured a ‘Buffalo Wing War’ that took place in Buffalo, New York. While you might not make it to tropical landscapes, the excitement of the competition is sure to chase away the doldrums of cold winter weather.

If you want to go in an entirely different direction via your satellite TV experience, ‘Ghost Adventures’ offers a look into the unexplained. Aaron Goodwin, Nick Groff, and Zak Bagans are the ghost hunters who host the series, leading viewers into cases where locations are suspected of being haunted. Even skeptics might be thrown for a loop by the spooky and unexpected things that happen out of the blue.

When the cold weather starts getting you down, it is nice to remember that you can always find an escape to a warmer place right from the comfort of your living room. And, if you are worried about snowy conditions causing traffic delays, you can set up a DVR receiver to record every second of your favorite shows. It has become possible to record not only standard, but also high definition signals, so that you can enjoy the best viewing experience whenever you have space in your schedule this season.

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