My Favorite Vacation

Hi Friends, 

I would like to tell you about my favorite vacation I ever took in Switzerland. This was back in um….2000…and…I think about 2001. I was 11 years old then. My, how the time has gone by. …anyway, Switzerland was marvelous. The mountains, the horses, the people, and the food…OMG, the SWISS CHOCOLATE. It was quit the vacay! I think the aspect I most remember is how friendly the people were. 

So, my mom, sister, second cousin, and I went. We had a grand time. We rode a train in the Alps… It was during the summer, so it wasn’t terribly cold… We pet beautiful Swiss horses, We even attended a funeral. It was in Swiss, we all thought that we were just attending a general mass… It hit us when were recognized the meditative pattern of the Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be, and etc. AND THE DEAD BODY …I think the Lord was just happy that we came to see him. Plus, it was good to support the family, even though they were strangers to us. Oh well, we are all God’s children. 

Greeting fellow travelers!

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